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Tailor Made Travel

Travel and tourism is a resilient industry. Growth consistency outpaced that of the global economy as the desire to experience new destinations remains a top consumer priority.
Travel providers are increasingly turning to digital to help consumers personalise their adventures, catering to consumers desires for more immersive experiences.
Campaign initiatives tap into prevailing trends such as inclusivity and diversity, one-to-one connections and social media stars. Tourism associations let influencers do the story telling whilst leveraging their engaged communities.

Millennials – Spirituality and Loneliness

In the current climate of political uncertainty and economic anxiety, a spirituality focussed counter-culture is beginning to emerge. Today’s millennials are asking themselves existential questions about faith and purpose and are looking for answers in spirituality.
A competitive society and technological advancements are creating a feeling of loneliness. Under pressure more than ever both online and offline, many are struggling to find truly meaningful and supportive relationships.

Social Selling and Macro Marketing

As social platforms emerge as key sites of product discovery, retailers are looking for ways they can drive conversations from these platforms.
While shoppers can’t buy products directly from social media, more than half say that they follow sites to get shopping inspiration.
A post on Instagram will entice 68% of Millennials to consider buying a product, and will actually convince 54% to buy.
Ad campaigns featuring micro influencers now drive more conversation than those staring celebs. Advertising has been scaled down, with campaigns designed to reach a smaller target audience.

Future Trends

Common Ground: The current political landscape will have lasting effects on globalisation well beyond 2019. Many consumers will turn away from the world economy and focus on domestic growth.
The focus will be on re-establishing local community, finding new allies and creating safe spaces for people to belong.

In Touch: Loss of control and increased anxiety in an always on world has consumers trapped between obsessively tracking their personal data, social media and the news and wanting to opt out entirely.
By 2019, people will want to get in touch with the things that touch them, both emotionally and physically, including sexuality, moods, microbes and foods.

Creative Manifesto: In a world where people are clamouring for truth and transparency, the urge to be different will intensify. Creativity and self-expression will intensify. Consumers will join political parties, subcultures and will be encouraged to find new voices and self-expression. 


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