Local Characters: Anna Kulachëk and FS Dillon

Whilst looking through our favourite blogs, we stumbled across an interesting collaboration between It's Nice That and Fontsmith.

It's Nice That has a great new feature this winter, in collaboration with Fontsmith, to showcase the effectiveness of Brandfont. Brandfont is a service provided by the London-based foundry to create custom, exclusively licensed fonts for brands.

The idea for the four-part series is simple. To explore the broader possibilities of type, through either posters or typefaces.

First up is graphic designer, Anna Kulachëk. Currently working out of New York City, but originally from Moscow, she chose to use an existing Fontsmith typeface to represent her hometown through an animated posted. 

The main reason this article caught our eye, was that the typeface she chose was FS Dillon, which just so happens to be our brand typeface! So we were really interested to know how she would approach this, with a typeface we are so familiar with.

FS Dillon is a bold, geometric sans-serif. You may recognise it, as it was used for wayfinding at the London 2012 Olympic games. Kulachëk believed its honest and direct nature would represent Moscow's people and architecture.

Anna gathered inspiration from the vast and uniform buildings that surround Moscow. Combining the jarring national colours of Russia with her typically expressive typography, she created a mesmerising animation. With such an open brief, we can't wait to see what other exciting and diverse work comes out of this series!


Check out the full article here;


... and whilst you're at it, have a look at some more of Anna's amazing and expressive typographic work here;














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