TOO View: Christmas 2016

The One Off's selection of stand-out luxury window displays this Christmas

The One Off take their annual research trip into central London to document retail displays from high street to luxury brands. This post focuses specifically on luxury from Mulberry to Tiffany's as we see how trends and concepts start to emerge from one window to the next.

Burberry: Simple and soft origami paper props are used with mirrors to create added depth and dynamism.


Mulberry: Mulberry's bauble concept plays with scale in a premium and sophisticated way. We like how the dissected baubles become a merchandising device that heros their accessories.


Selfridges: Beautifully executed as always, this year Selfridges celebrates Santa. You'll find him playfully featuring in many of the window scenes from the dance floor to paragliding off a glacier. 


Prada: Prada's mirrored window bays create Yayoi Kusama inspired infinity rooms where baubles are set into the mirror for added dimension.


Dior: As you near the end of New Bond Street it's clear high-shine baubles are a key trend this year for luxury Christmas displays where mirrors give added definition and fantasy-like illusions.


Tiffany & Co.: As you peer into the windows of Tiffany's, you get an exclusive insight into what it's like to spend Christmas at Tiffany's where beautifully crafted paper props create a Christmas dinner scene.


Liberty's: In association with the Royal Ballet, Liberty's Christmas window concept centers itself around the Nutcracker with spectacular moving ballerinas and twirling fan scenes. Every detail is distinctively Liberty's from the bespoke wallpaper backdrops to the gift wrapped presents.


Jimmy Choo: It's all about the details at Jimmy Choo, where a lavish Christmas dinner tables fills the window. Props are dipped in high-shine gold, gems and crystals and their heels are set against branded crockery – a true taste of luxury.


Christmas at Hermes is slightly obscure and unusual but we embrace this contrast against the highly polished displays along New Bond Street. The scene feels heavily theatrical, reminding us of an unknown nursery rhyme with oversized moths, cob-webs and moons intertwined with product.


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