The virtual world, where will it stop?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a tool that is taking the digital world by storm.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a tool that is taking the digital world by storm. The potential for VR to affect the way we experience all forms of entertainment cannot be understated, it offers an easy, quick and affordable means of consumption that means you will never again have to miss out.  

The level of growth the world of VR will experience depends on a number of factors. The interest of the general population is essential. Are people ready to take the leap into the new world? It is a question with no simple answer, however if you take a close look at the signs, it has begun. 

The NFL were hosting a street party in Regent Street. People were offered the chance to try on a VR headset whilst they were queuing to meet a player or learn to throw like a quarter back. However the plan soon took a back seat as hundreds, and then thousands of consumers began to que for the chance to experience VR for the first time.  The audience spanned across all generations. Mums, dads, grandparents and children alike eagerly pulled on a VR headset for the first time and embraced the experience without hesitation. 

All that was required was putting headsets in their hands, people were undoubtedly ready. VR was very much already beginning its journey at this stage, but this was the first test to see how well the public would react. That test was emphatically passed. 

Industry transformer

However, VR remains a very new technology and one in the early stages of its development. Should the technology be perfected, the potential is beyond limitation. Entire industries can be transformed. One such example is the sports industry. Sports fans will be granted closer access than ever before, and without having to leave the house. 

In fact, users will have a better view of the action than many of the spectators in attendance. It is the transition from live and TV viewing to VR that poses the greatest barrier for the VR industry – and is also the lead priority. From what we have seen at The One Off, the demand is very much present, we just need the technology to catch up. 

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