The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

How Tokyo plans to hold the most sustainable Olympic Games yet.

At The One Off, we believe that whilst great design is very important it is equally important to create sustainable design. Therefore, we have been very interested in Tokyo’s sustainable plans for the 2020 Olympic games!

Tokyo is planning on demonstrating to the world just how environmentally aware we can be.

There are already aspirations to use the large amount of precious metals found in discarded electronic goods to create the gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, 812 medals were created, if (in future Olympic games) they can be made from recycled materials it would be a way of encouraging the public to think more about sustainability as well as being a more environmentally friendly option.

Tokyo have also suggested that 15 of the 37 venues needed for the games could be adapted and designed from existing buildings, limiting the amount of resources that would have been spent on construction. Additionally, 28 of the buildings will be within 8 km of the Olympic village which will limit the amount of travel required.

The aim is to allow the Olympics to improve the places where it is hosted rather than cause environmental damage. 

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