Bringing the NOS brand to life and creating the ultimate in-store experience.

In 2014 TV provider NOS, launched across Portugal, after a merger of Zon and Optimus. After a year in the market NOS wanted to bring more of an experience to customers visiting their stores

So began our collaborative journey to help NOS truly express itself in a physical environment and evolve it’s brand communications to appeal to new and its existing TV and mobile customers. 

Working with the NOS operations team we re-imagined the customer service model placing the customers needs at the centre whilst allowing staff to work and sell more effectively. All the time designing the store with the brands core principles at it’s heart. This allowed us to push the store creatively and express the NOS brand in new and exciting ways in-store, we developed lifestyle and content experiences at the front of store to engage both new and existing customers.

One of these involved utilising projection mapping, playing an engaging and dynamic video that is fed to three screens and a projector. It helped tell customers how NOS can deliver amazing TV content and connectivity through a range of connected devices. 

Another area appeals to customers through their hobbies and interests, showing how NOS products and services can benefit them, by creating a theatrical and interactive space. 

Developing the NOS brand communications was essential for creating these new in-store experiences and communicating NOS product and services. This involved working alongside NOS’s creative agency. As part of this development we were asked to evolve the brand identity and tone of voice. Existing use of brand assets were extended to allow recognisable brand elements to be used flexibly across in-store communications. Giving NOS more visually stimulating retail graphics, helping when it came to differentiating between successive in-store campaigns. 

The guidelines created as part of this development provide a cross media playbook for customer engagement, allowing anyone at NOS, or local agency partners to understand the evolved brand and how to use it to drive brand engagement and sales. 

The final product was a store that really stands out against it competitors on the highstreet, gives customers an exciting new in-store experience, that can be kept fresh and adapt over time and give NOS a more meaningful environment to voice their brand values. For us it was a collaborative experience, not just with NOS, but internally with all TOO teams getting involved to successfully launch the initial 3 store builds. We’re now working with NOS towards roll out throughout 2016.

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