New Designers: One Year On

The New Designers show that took place at the Business Design Centre, London, took the opportunity to showcase the work of a selection of entrepreneurial designers one year after graduating.

The show, titled ‘One Year On’ covers all design disciplines from furniture, fabric, graphics, jewellery and more, with the work on show having been produced within the designers first year of business. A panel of industry specialists chose the selected designers based on the strength and ambition demonstrated in their work. There was some beautiful and thought provoking work on display but there were three designers who stood out in particular for their creativity, skill and individuality.

Combing a background in art with a passion for making things from interesting materials, Sarah’s furniture range stands out with its pop of neon colour and strong lines. 

Susannah creates one off piece’s of artwork that are reproduced for wallpaper and furnishing fabric by hand-drawing black and white illustrations which are then embroidered. 

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