Packaging Trends 2016

From tactile finishes to angular packaging we look at the latest trends so far this year.

From matte finishes to kraft paper, this space-saving format is becoming more popular within food, drink, beauty and fashion stores. Own brand packaging for Selfridges and John Lewis showed good examples of this trend with the use of kraft paper with the addition of die-cut windows to reveal the products.

It’s all about the touch and feel, from embossed surfaces to new materials. The attention to detail added intrigue and dimension to the packaging.  Packaging for the perfume brand ‘Creed’ showcased a high level of detail and finishing techniques with blind embossing and gold foiling. Ted Baker’s ticketing took a more simple approach with subtle blind debossing and die-cut finishing. In contrast to this, River Island added a new material to their ticketing range with the use of a blue translucent plastic for the swimwear collection.

Moving away from traditional packaging formats such as boxes and cylinders, sharp faceted angles created a more innovative stand-out in-store.  Burt’s Bees used the nature of their product as an inspiration for the packaging. The honeycomb shape becomes iconic for the brand. Food packaging for Selfridges also used this format for honey related products. Finally, Timberland moved away from the traditional shoe box format to an interesting triangular format for children’s footwear packaging.

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There isn't a single "best" material for all products - just an appropriate one for a quantity of a particular product in a particular application. You cannot pack toothpaste in a paper bag, but paper bags are perfect for flour.