Creating a Bespoke Script Font for TK Maxx

As part of a larger project to develop TK Maxx's communication and in-store branding strategy, we’ve recently created a bespoke typeface – 'Robin Hand'.

We created a new messaging structure for the brand: a collection of brand statements, light hearted conversational messages and way-finding. These messages have an approachable, inclusive tone of voice and to aid this, we designed a bespoke hand-scripted set of characters we could use expressively across internal communications, alongside the brand’s new sans serif font ‘GT Walsheim’.

We started with a small selection of brand statements, handcrafting each individual word… A very enjoyable but time-consuming process! 

With more and more need for messaging featuring our hand-drawn character set, it soon transpired that we had to turn our illustrated character's into a fully functioning typeface. This would then allow us to easily roll out the designs in to various stores and in different languages across Europe.

The challenge was to recreate our character set as a structured and exacting digital typeface. We also wanted to ensure we kept the fluid and flexible elements of spontaneity of our hand-scripted letterforms. 

To help retain this spontaneous look, we created up to five versions of each letter and put in place a bespoke OpenType architecture to limit the repetition of the same character in one word.

The finished font – ‘Robin Hand’, is a an intuitive, dynamic typeface that works beautifully alongside TK Maxx’s brand font. It’s currently being rolled out across the UK and Europe.




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