A new vision for Army Careers Centres

We were appointed by the Capita Defence Recruitment team to work on a new vision for Army Careers Centres

Our main objective was to break down the barriers that many potential recruits and their parents experience during their application and to present a more human and relatable side to the Army. The vision incorporated a retail design approach alongside brand communications, photography, video and storytelling touch points.

We used a flexible display capsule as a container, to help tell different stories as the potential candidate moves through the space. The capsules have an integrated hanging system, to allow for maximum flexibility when hanging or attaching graphics. Multi-layered graphics were printed on different materials such as reboard, coloured acrylic, wood and foamex. 

Army kit was used throughout, including a combat helmet, body armour, hydration pack, boots and a one day rations pack. Highlighting the technology and safety features of these items helps to inspire candidates and reassure parents.

The state of the art equipment is always a great talking point and an important part of the Army. This area features a selection of weapons and vehicles used day to day, presented in a Trump Card style, with bite size facts and figures to highlight each items capabilities.

Fitness is a key part of joining and the ‘Army Fit’ area introduces candidates to the Army Fit App, which they can engage with and download to help their training pre-application. It also includes interactive elements used in the Army Assessment, for candidates to try out whilst in the Army Careers Centre.

To highlight the many travel opportunities available to recruits, we worked closely with topographic portrait artist, Ed Fairburn. Using our own original photography of real soldiers, two bespoke portraits (male and female) were drawn onto a world map that was then printed onto wood. A bold typographic message simply asked “Where Will You Be”?

The new scheme is now in several flagship sites across the country and we are due to refresh the rest of the estate nationwide.

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