The work of Miyake Issey by Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka’s latest collaboration with Issey Miyake is for the ‘Miyake Issey exhibition: The work of Miyake Issey’ at the National Art Center, Tokyo.

Best known for his origami-like garments and unique approach to fashion, the show presents Miyake’s approach to design and for this Yoshioka has created two mannequin forms to highlight and display a range of garments created throughout Miyake’s career.

Miyake’s signature free-form pieces adorn the mannequins which are constructed from 365 laser cut cardboard parts stacked in horizontal and vertical layers to create a shape of a body.

Acting as a contrast to the first mannequin, a more futuristic approach is also applied with Yoshioka using a transparent acrylic resin to represent Miyake’s research and application of new technologies in material innovation and development.

Yoshioka envisioned the transparent body forms to generate a new perspective to Miyake’s work and to showcase his creations as ‘a piece of cloth being transformed into a beautiful shape that is worn on the human body’. The mannequins not only let the clothing stand out but also appear as stand alone sculptural works.

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