Minimalism and its minimalist ways

A journey from paint splattered canvases to clean, minimal design.

From an artistic point of view I have always been drawn to slightly chaotic and expressive work, I like to see the brush marks and the accidents as it allows the work to retain a sense of authenticity. Before I ventured into the world of design I was a resolute champion of this Jackson Pollack like style. 

Then I discovered something called 'white space' and 'the grid' and it changed everything. Minimalism has opened my eyes to meticulous and considered design that is beautifully executed. Admittedly design has a very different purpose to art, yet aesthetically I found myself being drawn to a way of working that for the majority of my creative life I had rejected. Minimalism opened new doors for me and I became eager to find out more. 

Blogs like AisleOne are great for providing you with a constant stream of design dedicated to minimalism. The author of the blog clearly has his finger on the minimalist pulse, posting work from a range of disciplines, he even features a toaster from Muji! Minimalissimo is an online magazine that I urge everyone to look at now, this very moment. With a focus on art, fashion, graphics and architecture, it really is a visual delight and truly inspiring. Be prepared though, once you start to explore the stunning work on this site it is difficult to stop. Even more exciting, they now have a printed magazine, Issue No1, which is available to buy. Printed magazines such as Cereal, FAT and The Gentle Woman also leave me slightly weak at the knees.

I can't help but think that the artist in me will always surrender to a big pot of paint, but excitingly the designer in me has shown me that less is more and that 'white space' is definitely a good thing.


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