Don’t underestimate the power of the crowd

As consumers rely more and more on content to determine the brands they relate to and use it to help inform their purchase decisions, the importance of content for brands is continually increasing.

However, many brands face the challenge of keeping up with demands of producing relevant, fun and engaging content, particularly now, with social media requiring new fresh content ideas daily and when resources are stretched for many businesses. This is one of the reasons why brands are turning to their consumers, to help create content for them.

Crowd sourcing not only provides brands with content that is relevant to their target audience (because it’s been produced by them, for them), it can be a powerful tool to engage with your customers and prospects, encouraging them to get involved with your brand. In addition, many brands are benefiting from using crowd sourcing to steer their brands content strategy and product developments/NPDs, by listening to what their customers want and are asking for. It’s also been reported that content created by communities is 12 times more trusted than content created by the brand itself, therefore making it more valuable and resulting in a higher marketing ROI.

Here’s our top picks of some of the best uses of crowd sourcing…

Crowd sourcing new product ideas
Brand: Lays/Walkers
Campaign: Do us a flavour
Lays launched their ‘Do us a flavour’ campaign in the US, the campaign was later launched in the UK in 2008 for Walkers, due to it’s success it was resurrected again in 2014.  Consumers were asked to enter a competition to suggest a new great-tasting flavour combination, with one lucky winner receiving 1 million pounds. Walkers then produced the winners chosen flavour.
The 2014 campaign received 1.2 million entries and reportedly drove an 8.4% increase in sales.

Crowd sourcing content
Brand: Coach
Campaign: Coach from above
Coach launched a social media campaign that encouraged their customers to take pictures showing a top down view of them wearing their stylish Coach shoes and share them using the hastag #coachfromabove on Instagram and Twitter. Users were incentivised by the claim to fame of their shot being featured in a gallery on the Coach website.
Not only did the campaign provide Coast with a wealth of images and user generated ‘trusted’ content, it reportedly drove a 2% boost in AOV and 5-7% growth in conversions.

Crowd sourcing credibility
Brand: Samsung
Campaign: Over to you campaign
Samsung Mobile UK launched a campaign to showcase the features of it’s new Galaxy S4 Collection. Sourcing real-life footage and content from twelve key generational influencers, they demonstrated just what the phone could do, in an entertaining and engaging way and because it was UGC content, consumers could trust it. They maximised coverage by seeding the content across Samsung’s and the influencers social channels.


So, in 2016 will your audience be creating your social content, starring in your advertising campaigns or helping to develop new products for your brand? With crowd sourcing driving increased customer engagement and sales, it may be worth seriously considering.

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