London Lumiere is a Light Festival

London Lumiere is a Light Festival takes place across some of the capitals most iconic locations over four evenings in January.

The One Off 3D team travelled down to take a look. A number of locations across central London were taken over by international artists who produced a series of 3D projections and interactive installations. 

The Garden of Light  by TLT (Leicester Square) - Series of luminous structures made from recycled materials.  

Elephantastic by Topla Design (Regents Street) - Animated projection with sound. 

Light Graffiti by Floating Pictures (Kings Cross) - A USB camera, projector and computer transform light sources including smart phones into paintbrushes, allowing people to paint their surroundings. 

1.8 London by Art AV (Oxford Circus) - Large net sculpture strung between buildings at oxford circus. The audience can change the colours of the light projected onto the sculpture by using a specifically created app. 

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