Is Google becoming more human?

Apparently so! Google has released a new machine-learning artificial intelligence (A.I) system called “RankBrain”.

RankBrain helps understand searcher’s intent and brings the best results to the searcher, and it can do it as naturally as a human could (if not better!). In tests RankBrain even out smarted Google Search Engineers.

Instead of determining the results based solely on the keywords, Rankbrain uses the keywords to put reasoning behind the search, learns from other searches performed, and serves up even more targeted results based on what the person searching is really looking for.

So you’re probably wondering “What does this mean for my website and search strategy?”.

The focus needs to be less on keywords, and more on content as a whole.  With RankBrain said to be the third most important ranking signal in Google’s algorithm ‘Hummingbird’, understanding your consumer and what they are looking for, in order to provide informative, useful and interesting content, that contains phrases users are seeking, is more important than ever!

Find out more about RankBrain

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