Beautiful Letterpress 2016 calendar on Kickstarter

2016 Brings the fifth edition of the creative manifesto letterpress calendar.

It is composed of 14 20x14 cm cards printed on 700g french paper and it is a hand numbered limited edition! Each month is designed by a different designer and has a unique style. Some of the contributors this year consist of Renaud Orange, Mark Van Leeuwn, Bryan Patrick Todd, Andy Luce, Scott Biersack, Tomasz Biernat, Eric Kass, Joseph Alessio, Salih Kucukaga & Rafael Araujo, all of which are worth taking a look at for their beautiful hand lettering! You can back the project for just $1 but $10 or more will get you anything from a printed page of the calendar to a whole set of calendars and the printing plates!

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