Recent years has seen an increase in the popularity of identities adopting bold, vivid colour palettes with flowing shapes to create strong, recognisable brand identities.

Often created using single flowing lines that twist, overlap or loop their way to create dynamic shapes, these bold identities, filled with bright colours or colour gradients, have the ability to grab your attention. Colours can be applied in a variety of ways; opaque or transparent and in seemingly unlimited applications from a single colour to a full spectrum gradients.

This flowing, organic line concept is then often adapted to create additional graphic assets which are used in a mixture of design applications from print to digital, adding colour, personality and visual texture that can lift a brand from feeling static to something that feels more active and possibly more dynamic forward thinking.

Earlier examples of brands which use this style are  identities like Architecture PLB and Ollio, while morerecent examples that show a similar approach are Proximus, Freeview, Eir and Quipup.

Image credit Sea & Bibliotheque 

Proximus: Mimicking the 3D X in a graphic identity.

Image credit Saffron

Freeview: Multiple colours and gradients are not out of the question for many online / on screen brands.

Image credit Dixon Baxi

Eir: Subtle colour changes show contours.

Image credit Moving Brands

Quiqup: Use of flowing lines that weave in and out of messaging.

Image credit Multiadptor  

So, is this a concept set to last? Or, will it become a style which defines a period in time? Who knows? Only time will tell if designers continue to use this technique to add vibrancy and personality to their design solutions. Either way the current collection of vibrant, flowing identities seems to suit this current design landscape where icons and movement appear engage with an increasing audience.

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