Garment Inspired Boutique for Dior

This sculptural, six-storey boutique was designed by Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino.

The store features both mens and womenswear alongside a gallery, VIP lounge and café.

The shape of the building represents the fluid movement of clothing created in Dior’s Haute Couture Atelier in Paris. 


"I wanted the building to represent Dior and to reflect Christian Dior's work. So I wanted the surfaces to flow, like the couturier's soft, woven white cotton fabric," explained de Portzamparc.

"These surfaces, which soar into the sky and undulate as if in motion, crossed by a few lines, are made from long moulded fibreglass shells, fitted together with aircraft precision."

"In Seoul, where the quadrangular buildings align with the avenue, and which are all occupied by leading international fashion labels, the building stands out like a large sculptural tribute to Dior, inviting everyone to step inside."

 The interior of the boutique has been designed by Peter Marino, has reflected the luxurious contemporary feel inside. 

Photographs by Nicolas Borel

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