Oxford Street Review

The One Off's picks from Oxford Circus high street

A few of the team recently undertook a research trip to Oxford Circus for review of current visual merchandising, propping and window display trends. We’ve shortlisted a selection of what we thought were the most exciting retail concepts on the high street.

The windows of Hermes brightened what was a very rainy Wednesday. The use of colour blocking and prop composition among their luxury product created an intriguing and unique display. Bell jars, a key trend among retailers, helped to hero product and gave a textural difference to the display.

Further down New Bond Street, we loved Chanel’s random yet controlled mix of rectangular and circular perspex. Pearlescent finishes felt premium and in-keeping with the brand, whilst the reflective quality gave a 360° view of the mannequins displayed in front.

Mulberry and Bally are further examples of how premium window concepts are becoming more artistic in composition and shape, using high quality materials to retain a luxury feel.

At Tiffany’s, their jewellery is entwined within romantic love scenes made up of layered, paper-cut silhouettes. Just by walking past the windows, you got a sense of the Tiffany & Co story.

At the end of Oxford Street, hundreds of flowers filled all of Selfridge’s 24 windows, promoting the unique designs from the Apple Watch collection. The beautifully crafted, oversized flowers made good use of the window space - a great example of how to make a big deal of a small product. Further down Oxford Street we saw Accessorize have also opted for a floral theme.

Last, another favorite was Topshop’s minimal window concept where the mannequin poses are mimicked by neon flagging tape. The diagonal cross over of the tape created lovely movement and shape when walking by the store. 

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