Topshop's weekend in playland

For one weekend only Topshop's Oxford Street store transforms into an arcade!

Over the weekend Topshop’s flagship store underwent an overhaul. For three days only, the Oxford Street store transformed into Playland – a fully functioning amusement arcade!

The shop’s entrance perimeter was covered with a bouncy-castle style inflatable, designed by London based set designer Rachel Thomas. In store, an 80s nostalgia theme was apparent; the store was kitted out with authentic arcade classics including a coin machine, a zoltar fashion-fortuneteller and, of course, the claw! In Playland the prospect of conquering the claw was guaranteed every time, with prizes ranging from free nail polishes to a £500 spending spree.

Every touch point was well considered and crafted. Retro inspired directional arrows were stuck on escalators and on the floor to point you to the fun, whilst flashing marquee lights surrounded it. Free candyfloss, slush puppies and popcorn were given out (if you were game for joining the 100 people queue) to keep shoppers happy and refreshed.

Thrills aside, the Playland weekend was underpinned by a great concept and strategy to drive sales with incentives to spend – for every £25 you spent in store you’d receive a token that you can use to play on the arcade games. And of course, everyone in this day and age knows how important it is to connect the in store experience with social media. The whole spectacle of the campaign, from the inflatable frontage, right down to your fashion fortune told on a branded ticket was irresistibly Instagram-worthy. Topshop also tapped into tweeters by suggesting shoppers use the hashtag #topshoptreats whilst having a prize winning system where you could “tweet for treats.”

Not only leading the way in high street fashion, Topshop have set a benchmark for how retail brands can create new, exciting and engaging experiences for their customers that ensures plenty of positive press.

Good game Topshop, we’re excited to know what’s on the next level. 



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