Alba Rose

Our Retail Designers were approached by Alba Rose to work with them on their new retail fit-out at Westfield White City.

Alba Rose specialise in design, manufacture and retail of diamond engagement and wedding rings. We were initially asked to design an impactful feature wall that would give the store standout in the busy shopping mall, and that would tie in with Alba Rose’s core brand values of quality and customisation. Inspired by the geometric form and composition of the diamond, we designed the wall to be three-dimensional with a metallic finish that shimmers in different hues under different lighting, reminiscent of a cut diamond.

Our work was so well received by the team at Alba Rose that they asked us develop a brand pattern to complement the feature wall. We created a pattern that could be applied not only as wallpaper and window graphics, but had the potential to become core to the Alba Rose brand identity going forward.

The rationale behind the brand pattern was to reflect the production process behind crafting a diamond. The gradiation to the pattern reflects this process, to begin with an unrefined gem that with time, care and attention comes together to form something whole, clear and solid, much like a relationship between two people. 

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