Jason King

The future of retail in 2017

Here are the top five trends that retailers need to be aware of for the coming year.

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The motion team have been putting the URSA Mini through its paces this week on a shoot at Shoreditch Studios for a truely world famous client, more news on that later when we will share some of the stunning footage with you in the form of a short showreel, we know it will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Ursa Mini

This is Samsung 837

Samsung 837 is where anyone can try out virtual reality, take part in interactive art installations, and see a larger-than-life, three-story screen. It’s home to live music performances, exclusive screenings, and radio recordings.

samsung 837

The Wolfe — External GPU for laptops

One of the biggest drawbacks for most consumer laptops is the lack of power. If you want to play high-end games, you may need to invest thousands in a gaming laptop, which are often heavy and produce a lot of heat.

wolfe 1

Eurostar St Pancras in the Commercial Integrator

Eurostars digital signage revolution is highlighted in a recent press article in the Commercial Integrator, highlighting our involvement with the design and content creation.

Lacie Fuel

LaCie Fuel Expands iPad Capacity to 1TB

Lacie Fuel